View Full Version : EQ2Extreme harvest bot!

12-31-2007, 05:18 AM
I am pleased today to announce the immediate BETA release of Harvest Bot 5 for EQ2Extreme and Exhume! The release can be located:

Link Removed

PLEASE know that this is pretty much Harvest Bot 4.03 - but substantially ported to run under EQ2Extreme. If you have HarvestBot 4.03 INI files, they should run with this bot.

Please read the Read me file for my notes - and look at the included INI file - I had to make a minor tweak.

Happy harvesting!

Edit by BlueAdept: I removed the link because the source can not be trusted (user only has 1 post). It may be a valid program, but then again it could have a virus or password stealer. Harvestbot can be found elsewhere on the net. Besides, this forum is for open source programs, not compiled EXEs without the source. If someone really wants this program, I suggest PMing him instead.