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Thread: HELP! Getting MySEQ Open up and running

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    Question HELP! Getting MySEQ Open up and running

    Getting MySEQ to work is relatively simple.

    1) Download and unzip both the latest server and latest client packages (release 1.18.1 at the time of this post) from .
    **Note: If you previously downloaded a client/server with a .tgz or .gz extension, and you could not get it to run at all, try downloading it again. It should now have a .zip extension.

    2) Extract the server in it's own directory on the same machine that is running EQ.

    3) Extract the client in it's own directory, it can live on another computer, or the same computer that is running EQ.

    4) You may need to download and install Microsoft NET v2.0 on both machines. You can get it here
    If you do not have NET v2.0 installed, you will see a message indicating so. The older clients, 1.17.x used NET v1.1. Everyone will be moving to NET v2.0 soon, so it is probably best just to update it now.
    If you see a message regarding a dll (msvcr80.dll), this usually means you did not install NETv2.0. If anyone has trouble getting this DLL, please let me know.
    *Note: Some folks may have an older version of NETv2.0 installed. To see which version you have, look under the folder: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework
    You should see the following:
    v1.0.3705 => NETv1.0
    v1.1.4322 => NETv1.1
    v2.0.50727 => NETv2.0
    If you see different versions, especially for NETv2.0, you will probably need to uninstall them using the Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs utility, and then reinstall the official NETv2.0 release.

    3) Start the server. You should see

    MySEQ Open v1.18.1
    This software is covered under the GNU Public License (GPL)

    Waiting for new connection...
    4) Start the client. You will need to set the IP address of the server so the client knows where to look. You can determine the IP address of the machine the server is running on by doing Start->Run and enter 'cmd' at the prompt. This will open a small black box (called a console). In the console, type 'ipconfig'. This will tell you your IP address. It may be something like or Use this value under the client's Option menu.

    *Note: You may need to exit and restart the client for the changes to take effect.

    5) You should visit and grab all the EQ maps. Get them all in SEQ format AND Sony format. Extract both zip files into the client's 'maps' subfolder.

    6) Make sure EQ is running. You will need to be logged in all the way, or at least at the character selection screen.

    7) Push the 'Go' button on the client.

    8) That's it. You should see the current zone you are in with the proper map and all the spawns in the zone. Use F8 to toggle the spawn list, and F3 to toggle the depth filter for those zones that have a lot of passageways on top of one another.

    9) If you have any problems, read all the stickies in the MySEQ Help forums first. If you still have issues, post the details in a new thread.
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