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Thread: NEWS: MySEQ Open Released (lvl 105 support)

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    Lightbulb NEWS: MySEQ Open Released (lvl 105 support)

    Hello my friends,

    Nov 11 2014
    - Added level 105 support for the new TDS expansion:

    Feb 08 2015
    - Fixed a buffer overflow in extractToBuffer which would cause the client to display spawns on some machines but not others.


    Binaries including maps:

    Click Here To Download Latest MySEQ (with Level 105 support)
    If you like MySEQ and would like to contribute, please do. My goal is 25 donations per month. There is no amount that's too small.
    So far I've received donations for this month's patches.
    Bitcoin: 1Aq8ackjQ4f7AUvbUL7BE6oPfT8PmNP4Zq

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    Re: NEWS: MySEQ Open Released (lvl 105 support)

    Thanks. Downloaded the update.

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    Re: NEWS: MySEQ Open Released (lvl 105 support)

    links are broken

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