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Thread: MySeq Underfoot etc offsets

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    MySeq Underfoot etc offsets

    Hi all... As you all are probably aware, there is a site called EQEMU that hosts a bunch of free EQ servers.

    These servers use release versions of the EQ1 software and they have found the proper Macroquest 2 files for each.. see this page..

    There are MQ2 versions for SOF, ROF, SOD, Titanium, Underfoot, and ROF2. These are the client versions that all these many servers support. I was hoping to get MySEQ offsets for these versions! Especially Underfoot and ROF2. Anyone have any ideas? The site also has the Macroquest 2 source code for all these versions. I was comparing the offsets for MQ2 and MySeq for the Titanium version, and some parts of it match, but, the secondary offsets probably are wrong. I don't know enough to make the MySEQ file from the MQ2. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: MySeq Underfoot etc offsets

    You can use the Offset finder and it works to locate the Main offsets. Shows your location in the zone, but there are no Mobs or PCs.

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