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Thread: Listener lockups (after a few hours)

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    Listener lockups (after a few hours)

    Has anyone else had issues with their listener (the MySEQ Server) locking up/hanging/going unresponsive after a few hours? It's not that much of an issue (I just have to get into task manager and kill it, and restart), but was curious if it's only me having the problem. Using the latest offsets for Live, of course.

    Happens whether the client I'm connecting is on the same PC (Win10) or from a remote system (Win7 on a ESXi VM).

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    Re: Listener lockups (after a few hours)

    i did a long time ago (windows 10) what i did was uninstall .net framework 3 and above and it seemed to have fixed itself out.

    Note this might or might not work for you but its worth a try.

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