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Thread: Failed to load maps

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    Failed to load maps

    Failed to load map C:\seq\maps\ Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Tried deleting seq folder, and appdata\myshoweq and then re-extracting and running... same error.

    It shows the spawn list on the left all good but the map area is just grey.

    This problem occurred right after i pressed a combination of keys. I was trying to control alt delete but i think i may have pressed some other keys.

    SOS please send help

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    Re: Failed to load maps

    Update: fixed it... i guess there were two appdata things to delete. one in roaming one in local

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    Re: Failed to load maps

    Wrong area. Should be in MySEQ
    Filters for ShowEQ can now be found here. filters-5xx-06-20-05.tar.gz

    ShowEQ file section is here.

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