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Thread: The Future of SEQ

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    The Future of SEQ

    Hello everyone,

    EQ is almost 20 years old and SEQ is not that far behind. From the early days at Hackersquest, the abandonment of it by Ashran and Megaton moving on, to the revival of SEQ by Ratt (and continual support) and continuance of it by community support, it has survived along with its partner EQ. I really did not think that I would still be here, nor would I be playing, occasionally, everquest 20 years later.

    As much as I would love to walk down memory lane further, and at some point I might, I have come to ask for SEQ's future direction.

    What do I mean? Well the code base for SEQ is old. Especially QT3. I am concerned for SEQs future. QT3 is not supported by any current distribution, they are on QT5 now (and I think QT6 is nearing release date) and there are no up-to-date distributions that carry qt3 any more. Centos 6.9 is the last one that you can install out of the box but suffers from some of the exploits from the NSA hack. It would be nice to be able to install it on a current distribution and without compiling qt3. I also know that QT3 has been pulled from several distributions so you cant even add qt3 any more to up to date flavors. There are also a lot of broken features and such.

    So the question is, where do we go from here?

    Leave SEQ the way it is?

    Find someone or pay someone to update SEQ to qt5?

    Dump the old SEQ and find someone to rewrite it in some other, or the same, language with improvements (or maybe a cross platform version)? Like something to update it easier or tools to help find the info needed to keep it going.

    Let me know your ideas, comments or suggestions.
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    Re: The Future of SEQ

    Well have had a been long reply typed up and lost it.
    I would say ive been around long enough to remember its initial start. Unfortunately i have really contributed to the project very little and have become mostly a consumer. Mostly the myseq at this point. However i have always kept a SEQ box up and running, and tinkered with it.
    I would love to see the SEQ updated and easier for to use. If it came down to a having to pay someone to get that done, id be willing to try to chip in towards it.

    I do have the concern that early on the reason that SEQ was left alone was the fact it was a bit more difficult then the typical EQ gamer to get up and running was mostly left along due to the small number of users. Technically myseq could be detected if they went back looking for it (unless im missing something). They did so with planetside2 due to the hacking problems it caused. If we made it a much easier and updated crossplatform systems .. could it put SEQ and mySEQ back up on the radar as a problem. It could be they are more interested into people that abuse macroquest.

    if it wasn't for some flavor of SEQ out there, i likely wouldn't play.

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