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Thread: Packet Scraper Tools / Documentation

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    Packet Scraper Tools / Documentation

    So i am rather new to the project, very new in fact, been fussing with it for a couple days only. However I am really looking forward to making some contributions. As with any large project, I have been reading and reading through source code, trying to piece together where everything goes, and how everything works together. My main goals with getting involved were to help the cause for private servers, such as p99. Having a few toons on there I decided to give the code patch to bypass their encryption.

    In my research i find myself needing tools, ones that i know are right in front of me, but im hesitant to make. I would like a Packet Scrapper where i can parse through all the valid decoded packets that showeq has parsed. I know i could write one myself (or rather copy/paste/tape), especially since all the work has been done for me. However i thought there may be a feature or a debug flag or something that im missing. How do you guys go about research in what's what? using external tools? any community tools we have that im missing? using the showeq client itself?

    This leads me to another topic i have been chasing. I can not find any documentation. I know this is common with open source projects, and i usually end up using header files as such. However this is my first protocol analyzer i have worked with, so things are coming slow. For example, in the code, i have a packet object, and i would like to dump a human readable version of that to the console, or even a log file as i have seen in other places, Now it could be that im just not very smart, or not as familiar with C as i would like, but how to accomplish that it is eluding me.

    Any thoughts or ideas you have on other tools, or how to become a more effective researcher, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Packet Scraper Tools / Documentation

    > I would like a Packet Scrapper where i can parse through all the valid decoded packets that showeq has parsed

    That's exactly one of the existing log options.

    The best thing you can do is spend time looking at good logs and start to build a feel for what the packets look like.

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