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Thread: Problems with filters

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    Problems with filters

    Good morning everyone,

    I run the mySEQ version of showEQ for windows and just recently I have started to see a problem where I cannot open the filter notepad to edit filters from the actual program edit menu. Instead of just going Edit > Edit Zone Alerts (it literally just does nothing when I click on it), I have to physically search the folder in file explorer from the start menu and open it if I want to edit any hunt mobs or danger mobs. I have no idea if this is from a corrupt file or extension but I have tried to redownload myseq (without redownloading the maps and filters folders because I do not want to have to redo all of the alert filters I have done over time) and I am still having the problem. I can only hope someone knows why this is because I am completely stumped and I just want this to work like it was doing. Thank you for any help.


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    Re: Problems with filters

    I too have had this same issue for some time now..

    So I first started to look back to see if there was an older version of MySEQ client I could run? Because currently not only am I having issues with setting the peramiters of hunt / rare / caution / danger / etc.. My maps do not work in certain locations and it feels like anything after Kunark (some kunark maps do not work)..

    I also noticed that the Spawn Timer list is not correctly picking up static spawns.. IE Brother Qwinn in SK

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