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Thread: ShowEQ 6 Beta Test

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    Re: ShowEQ 6 Beta Test

    Quote Originally Posted by cn187 View Post
    For what it's worth, you can specify the interface name when you run showeq using the "-i" flag:

    showeq -i enp0s1

    You can also set the interface in the application by going to the Network menu and selecting Set Device (though I don't think SEQ will start with an invalid interface in order to get to that point - so maybe that should be considered a bug). And it *should* save as part of the preferences so you don't have to keep specifying it, but I'm not 100% sure that works like that, either. It's something I've been meaning to investigate but I haven't gotten around to it.
    I can confirm SEQ will not start with an invalid interface. The workaround was to edit the showeq.xml file in .showeq folder with the proper interface. Once that was done, ShowEQ would load and you can manage the interface name from the Network menu option as cn187 theorizes.

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    Re: ShowEQ 6 Beta Test

    Time to fire things up and check out ShowEQ 6.

    Thanks for keepin this stuff goin.

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    Re: ShowEQ 6 Beta Test

    I think I have a fix for one of the crash bugs. Unfortunately I don't have a ton of time to play right now, so short of leaving my toon logged in and just sitting there waiting for a crash (which I've done for the past few hours), I'm not going to get much active testing done in the very near future.

    So I've gone ahead and committed the potential fix to the beta 6 branch, in case anyone else wants to help test it.

    Loki - this is the fix for the "dump1" crash. The "dump2" and "dump3" crashes seem to be the same issue, but I don't have a fix for them yet. I may need to get some more info from you about those -- I'll let you know.

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    Re: ShowEQ 6 Beta Test

    Sorry for delays, Will send the two dumps very soon.

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