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Thread: Current interest in myseq?

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    Current interest in myseq?

    I am wondering what the current interest level is in this.
    I saw a few posts about recent patch offsets and opcodes etc. But otherwise not much else.
    In the most recent todo list I saw a mention of an auto updater of some sort for offsets?
    If I could learn how to get the offsets I may be interested in helping make this idea.
    So far for the 2/11 patch all I could get working was zone and self, nothing else.

    But aside from this, I have grabbed the most recent source and started messing with the client side.
    I hate the ingame map so I added a feature under view to "always on top". Much nicer than the in game map :-)
    Also added the view on/off selections in the right click context menu. Since turning those all completely off, you have to edit the settings file to get them back.
    Also normalizing the layout of the client code and cleaning up a few things. I may just put the version I am working on into a public github once I am satisfied enough to open it up.
    (Read I denoobed my own code lol)

    Anyway, I'd love to see replies on interest and best methods/most simple methods that could potentially be simple enough to automate/code for to get offsets.
    Since following the guides I really didn't get too far.

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    Smile Re: Current interest in myseq?

    interested, i don't know how to do offsets but i check every 10 min to see if they are posted

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    Re: Current interest in myseq?


    the developers need basic help.

    the topic with the offsets can be done by almost everyone who has some knowledge.

    i only got to zone, char and target info yesterday. at pspan i had to abort.

    you can find the instructions for the offset in the forum and in the ini file.

    here is the text from the ini and as far as i know the easy way because the hex edits are not available anymore.

    # Using the new Debug CLI
    # =======================
    # To start the server in debug mode, run the server with the 'debug' argument:
    # myseqserver debug
    # You will see the menu, which looks like this:
    # Debug Menu
    # =======================
    # d) display current offsets
    # r) reload all offsets from INI file
    # spo) set a primary offset (index/name) (hex value)
    # sso) set a secondary offset (index/name) (hex value)
    # ez) examine raw data using pZone
    # et) examine raw data using pTarget
    # ew) examine raw data using pWorld
    # fz) find zonename using pZone (zonename)
    # ft) find spawnname using pTarget (spawnname)
    # fs) find spawnname using pSelf (spawnname)
    # ps) process a spawn entity using pSelf
    # pt) process a spawn entity using pTarget
    # sp) scan process names (process name)
    # sft) scan for floating point using pTarget (X,Y,Z)
    # sfa) scan for floating point using Address (X,Y,Z,Address)
    # sfw) scan for world offsets using game date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    # sg) scan for ground items
    # ws) walk the spawnlist (reverse) using pSelf
    # wt) walk the spawnlist (reverse) using pTarget
    # vs) walk the spawnlist (forward) using pSelf
    # vt) walk the spawnlist (forward) using pTarget
    # x) exit
    # >
    # To select a command, type it in and press Enter. Some commands require
    # arguments, which are indicated in parenthesis.
    # If you are having troubling just accessing the EQ process, first try the 'scan process names' command:
    # > sp
    # You can provide an optional process name to attempt to scan for and access, but if you do not provide
    # any arguments, then it will default to 'eqgame'. You will see a list of processes detected on your system
    # and if a match is found, it will try and access it, providing feedback on the results. Prior to server v1.19.1,
    # this was a case-sensitive match. For server v1.19.1 and higher, the check is case-insensitive. We had some
    # problems on a Win2K system regarding this.
    # When new offsets are needed, you can start the server in debug mode and it will use the
    # old offsets as starting points to locate the new offsets.
    # The first thing is to locate the zonename. Just enter a zone that you know the name of, like the Bazaar,
    # and use the "fz" command along with the appropriate shortname for the zone:
    # > fz Bazaar
    # You should see a list of matches. Anyone of them could potentially be a valid pZone value. Select one and
    # place it in the INI file above under ZoneAddr. Now press 'r' to reload the INI file into the debug server.
    # Press 'd' to verify your change was actually loaded.
    # Next we want to locate the pTarget value, stored above as TargetAddr. Inside the game, select any target NPC
    # or PC other than yourself. It is best to select a uniquely named NPC, like "Boss Hogg". Do not select an NPC
    # with a re-used name, like "a rat". Now you need to determine the hidden name of that NPC. To do this, replace
    # any spaces in the name with underscores, and stick a 00 on the end. So "Boss Hogg" becomes "Boss_Hogg00".
    # Use this hidden name as the sole argument to the 'ft' command:
    # > ft Boss_Hogg00
    # You should see a list of matches. Anyone of them could potentially be a valid pTarget. Select one and
    # place it in the INI file above under TargetAddr. Press 'r' to reload the INI file.
    # Next we want to locate the pSpawnlist value, stored above as SpawnHeaderAddr. This is very easy once you have
    # pTarget done above. Simply select any target in the game and use the 'wt' command:
    # > wt
    # You should see a long list of spawn information dump out. At the end, we do an automatic scan looking for
    # where that entry point pointer lives. You should see a list of matches. Anyone of them could potentially be
    # a valid pSpawnlist. Select one and place it in the INI file above under SpawnHeaderAddr. Press 'r' to reload
    # the INI file.
    # Next we want to locate the pSelf value, store above as CharInfo. Inside the game, select yourself as the
    # target (press F1) and use the 'ft' command along with your characters first name:
    # > ft Yourfirstname
    # You should see a list of matches. Anyone of them could potentially be a valid pSelf. Select one and
    # place it in the INI file above under CharInfo. Press 'r' to reload the INI file.
    # Last we want to locate the pGroundItems value, stored above as ItemsAddr. Just use the 'sg' command and
    # look for matched pointers that look like 'ITxxxxx_ACTORDEF', where xxxxx is any 3 or 5 digit number.
    # > sg
    # Scanning for 'IT' from 0x7d62c4 to 0x9d62c4
    # Pointer match found at 0x8d62c4. Full string is IT10805_ACTORDEF
    # Pointer match found at 0x9bc648. Full string is ITORTOKEN
    # Of course the first one here looks good. Put it in the INI file above under ItemsAddr. Press 'r' to
    # reload the INI file.
    # You can now exit the server (press 'x') and restart it in normal mode. Try attaching the client to it.
    # As long as none of the secondary offsets have changed, it should work. If it only works for a short time
    # and then stops working, repeat the above procedure, but this time make different selections in the match
    # lists.
    # If the secondary offsets have changed, or the basic design of how they obtain spawn information, the server
    # may need to be updated. The other debug options can be used to aid in locating secondary offsets, but it
    # is so involved that it is probably best to use a full blown RAM editor. Please visit our forums to learn
    # how to help ( and look for the MySEQ subforums).
    # Notes:
    # - All string searches are case sensitive!
    # - As you get matches, write them all down! If a function works for a minute or so and then stops working, try the
    # next match in the list.
    # - If you use the spo/sso functions, the changes are NOT made in the INI file. Once you exit, those changes are lost.
    # - Only reverse walks (wt/ws) will scan for entry point pointers. Forward walks will just show the spawns and return.

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    Re: Current interest in myseq?

    Yea I got as far as spawn myself and didn't make sense of it.
    I used the help in the tool as well as looked through some posts here.
    I was just unsure why I am getting stuck on the spawns.

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    Re: Current interest in myseq?

    Someone has posted offsets but I did have a go at finding these, as the above posters I got results for everything except the SpawnHeaderAddr, from looking at the newly posted offsets though my findings were a bit different to theirs.

    Here's what I had after following the instructions, please note this was my first attempt at doing anything like this so I'm a total newbie at this stuff.

    02-11-2020 Debug (in Bazaar)

    Find pZone:

    Find pTarget:

    Find pSpawnlist:
    SpawnHeaderAddr=0x (though i did get the names with values the automatic detection of the location for these was not coming up with anything and I tried using all of the Pzone values I found above)

    Find pSelf

    Find pGroundItems:
    ItemsAddr=0x74900c (Full string is IT226424_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0x89d6b4 (Full string is IT11788_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0x8b9918 (Full string is IT232039_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0x93d0c4 (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0x98919c (Full string is IT86465_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0x9ed8f4 (Full string is IT98358_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa1df9c (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa5ad98 (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa6b994 (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa6f5b0 (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa6f8bc (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa6fbc8 (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa6ffa4 (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xa93d4c (Full string is IT52642_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3a0e8 (Full string is IT115055_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3b570 (Full string is IT115055_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3d214 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3d24c (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3d294 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3d2d4 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3d330 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3ec38 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3ec78 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3ecc0 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3ed00 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3ed60 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3f27c (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3f2bc (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3f304 (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xb3f34c (Full string is IT114990_ACTORDEF)
    ItemsAddr=0xec0350 (Full string is IT10804_ACTORDEF)

    All I got from using wt command was

    ?) display main menu
    > wt
    Walking spawnlist in reverse.
    First Name -> Banker_Denton00
    Id -> 14742
    Previous -> 0x21599d08
    Next -> 0x2159e118
    First Name -> <REMOVED>
    Id -> <REMOVED>
    Previous -> <REMOVED>
    Next -> <REMOVED>
    Discovered 2 spawn entities during the walk.
    Scanning for 0x21599d08 from 0x120000 to 0x920000
    ?) display main menu
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    Re: Current interest in myseq?

    I tried mine in guild lobby. I got as far as wt and it gave a list but hung on scanning after.

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    Re: Current interest in myseq?

    the one thing I have tried to get a discussion going about, is the multi layer maps. MySeq does not seem to have built in support for map layers.
    I use a small script to merge the 1,2,3 files into a single file. This way the maps are useful again for Myseq.

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    Re: Current interest in myseq?

    Hi, I'm trying to plug away at the latest source released, but there seems to be an issue with the map drawing, it throws "nullreferenceException" when excecuting " xlabel = bkgBuffer.Graphics.MeasureString("10000", drawFont).Width;" ( mapcon.cs, "private void MapChanged" ) something is not passing values to this. ..

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    Re: Current interest in myseq?

    I don't play eq often anymore.. but would miss myseq if it died

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