Hello everyone. I just wanted to inform you that ShowEQ5 is now EOL (end of life). It has been decided to make the jump to ShowEQ6! The big difference is that ShowEQ6 will now require QT4. Thanks to the efforts of cn187, the source is finally being brought in line with current versions, yes I know qt4 is EOL but it is a stepping stone to bringing it current.

The next tarball and svn release for the next patch will ONLY be ShowEQ6. A patch file and instructions on how to run it against the last version of ShowEQ5 will be offered. We will only offer patches for ShowEQ5 for the next 2 patches. If you havent upgraded to QT4, it is now time to do so!

ShowEQ6 has a bright future. Now that there is an active developer, cn187, he has told me that he is looking forward to new features, fixing broken stuff and starting on the path to ShowEQ7 with QT5! Target date for ShowEQ7 may be as early as next year.

We all should thank him for continuing to contribute to a 21 year old project! (I never would have imagined that it would still be going.) I also want to offer thanks to the creators of ShowEQ, Ashran and Megaton and for picking it up when they went on to better things and for continuing to host the server, Ratt!