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Thread: showeq.xml Question

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    showeq.xml Question

    Seeing inconsistent behavior with the terminal MessageTypeFilter defaults and am wondering if my 20 year old showeq.xml preferences are out of whack. Each time I start ShowEQ the terminal MessageTypeFilters have different channels turned on and off and saving prefs doesn't change anything. Relevant xml:
        <section name="Terminal">
            <property name="EnabledTypes">
                <uint64 value="7fe8f09dfd68"/>
    Not sure what to make of that value or how to interpret it. Anyone have thoughts on what may be happening here?

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    Re: showeq.xml Question

    I want to say that value is a bitmask of the message types. 0th bit is on/off for message type 0, 1st bit is on/off for message type 1, etc. The message types are in message.h, I think.

    I've seen some random issues with preferences not saving correctly. I haven't been able to track it down yet, though.

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    Re: showeq.xml Question

    I've been having this same issue, with them flapping between all off and random ones turned on. Been driving me nuts. Saving changes doesn't appear to work.

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