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What is ShowEQ?

ShowEQ is a packet analyzer for the game EverQuest. It passively monitors network traffic for EverQuest data and displays it on screen in an easily understandable format.

What do I need to run ShowEQ?

In the broadest of terms: a 2nd computer, a Linux distribution, a hub and some time. Don't forget EverQuest with a non-banned account!

What information does ShowEQ actually show?

Anything that the EQ client knows, ShowEQ knows. This includes things like EVERY mob position in the zone, its level/class/race, items it is HOLDING which affect the way it looks, an accurate map of the zone, ground drops/spawns, traps... the list is very large.

Can ShowEQ be detected using software means by Sony?

There has been much debate over this topic. The Linux version of ShowEQ is currently entirely passive in nature, and is nearly impossible to detect. If running a key sniffer on your EQ computer to support the some of the Windows version of the program that are out there, the sniffer could arguably be detected with quite a bit of work on Sony's part. It is currently believed that Sony is not making any attempt to detect key sniffers, but this could change at any time. Key sniffers should be used at your own risk.

Can ShowEQ users be detected in game by real people?

The short answer is yes. A ShowEQ user can very frequently spot another ShowEQ user (some guides and GMs use ShowEQ). Knowing more information than you should is a dead giveaway. Making a bee-line for a rare right when it pops (well, unless you are a druid/ranger) is a dead giveaway. Saying in game that you use ShowEQ or SEQ can also be a giveaway. Basically, don't be stupid and you shouldn't be caught.

Can I get banned for using ShowEQ?

Yes, you can also be banned for anything Sony wants. If you don't want to risk your account, don't use ShowEQ.

Does ShowEQ run on Microsoft Windows?

No, ShowEQ does not run on Microsoft Windows. However, there is a Windows version. Please see the FAQ associated with that version for further information.

Why isn't there a Windows version of ShowEQ?

For quite a while it was maintained that a Windows version would never exist. However, due to changes by Sony in the packet structures and encryption of the game data, the methods of gathering that data have changed and very recently made public. So far there are no publically released Windows versions of ShowEQ, but see the previous question for some Windows-based projects that due similar things.

Can ShowEQ tell me what loot a creature will drop?

More no than yes. The only information ShowEQ can display is that which the client receives. Loot info is not sent to the EQ client until a mob's corpse is actually looted. That being said, you can get a half decent idea if it is carrying something. An orc with a sword will probably drop some sort of sword. The shard wurms in GD that glow carry a light source, and that actually means they will drop the glowing bile.

Does ShowEQ work with the EverQuest Emulators that are available?

The short answer is "Sort of." If you are asking this question, then answer is "No." Those that would be able to get it to work with the emulator(s) would not be asking this question, so forget about it.

I went to the Plane of Hate and saw an invisible mob called "ShowEQ Users Are Lame." Have any of you guys seen this?

Yes, we have and we think it is very funny. We are glad you got a chance to go up to hate and see the special content that is for ShowEQ users only. Be careful not to laugh about it in /gu or /shout or what not.

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