This is a public service annoucement:

I am not your mother, father or keeper. I am not going to "verify" every email sent from or with your spam blocking service. Lately, I have received a number of "mailblocks" spam blocking messages as well as other service spam blocking messages from various companies and programs.

These emails either a) go straight into the trash or b) I click the link saying that I did not send this email. Either way, the email will not reach you. If you want to receive email from this forum, either turn off your spam blocking, or whitelist my email address or send it to a non-spam blocked account. I'm not going to keep track of each users spam email.

There has been only one problem in the past 4 years with sending out email registrations (and subscribed threads) - if you don't get an email registration, it's because something on YOUR end is broken. If you have concrete evidence that it's something on's end, by all means, present it... but it needs to be <i>concrete</i> and <i>unquestionable</i> otherwise I am going to tell you it's something broken on your end, because it's ALWAYS, with one exception, been something broken on the users end.

This announcement has been brought to you by the letter P and the number 6.