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Thread: Get ShowEQ for Windows

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    Get ShowEQ for Windows

    1) Download the most recent version of MySEQ from SourceForge:
    - do not download the folder with 'src' in the title
    2) Unzip the download & put the final MySEQ folder wherever you like
    3) Click to run 'server.exe' inside the folder
    4) Press 'Edit Offsets' button in the server application window
    5) Copy the offset info from the most recent post here: (MUST UPDATE EVERY PATCH)
    - copy all the text, from '[File Info]' through the last 'NameOffset=...' line
    - only use the Test offsets post if you play on Test server
    6) Delete / paste the new offset info into the 'Edit Offsets' file (from step 4)
    7) CTRL+S or 'File > Save' to save your updates
    8) Click 'Reload' in the server application window
    9) Click to run 'MySEQ.exe' in the MySEQ folder (from step 2)

    Getting this info from the forums is a clusterf'k. Please sticky this!
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    Re: Get ShowEQ for Windows

    ive never had problems like this trying to get an app to work.... i musdt be weedtodded

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    Re: Get ShowEQ for Windows

    i dl it and it opens the window at first then i try and copy the offsets in and it shuts down and says invalid ini file

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