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Thread: [Bug] 3.0.0 client, multi-server support issue

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    [Bug] 3.0.0 client, multi-server support issue

    Minor issue. Unable to toggle (Ctrl+#) to other hosted servers.
    Works in 2.5

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    Re: [Bug] 3.0.0 client, multi-server support issue

    Use the server list menu on the top right corner of the software interface. You can select any server from the drop-down list and connect to it with a single click.
    Use the command line interface of the software. You can type “connect [server name]” to connect to any server that you have configured in your settings file.
    Use a third-party tool that allows you to manage multiple servers from one interface. For example, phpMyAdmin for databases or SQL Server Management Studio for SQL servers.

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    Re: [Bug] 3.0.0 client, multi-server support issue

    In the 3.0.0 client, there is a minor issue where the Ctrl+# shortcut to toggle between hosted servers is not working, while it worked in the 2.5 version. It could be a bug or a change in functionality. To troubleshoot, you can try restarting the client, checking the keybindings, or reaching out to the software developer for support.

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