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What EVIL things can be done with ShowEQ (what do the developers NOT want you to do)?

ShowEQ makes it fairly easy to farm rare spawns. It also makes it easy to find and kill rare spawns that others might have already been after for hours. This is NOT what ShowEQ was intended to do. Farming for EBAY is another of the bad uses. While the developers can't stop anyone from doing this, they ask that you don't.

What GOOD things can be done with ShowEQ?

Probably the best thing that can be done with ShowEQ is not getting lost. Sony is currently implementing some mapping abilities to the game in their latest expansion, but the quality and useability remains to be seen. ShowEQ makes finding corpses pretty easy as well. There is nothing like helping a newbie find their lost body to make them happy and increase your Karma. Finding rare spawns falls in both the good and evil question. Use this feature in a way that would increase your Karma. ShowEQ also tracks spells cast by the user. This feature is great for timing your buffs. You can see all your skills and stats, as well as watch your experience rates. It shows exp / kill and a lot more information based on exp. It includes chat-monitoring capabilities, and can be very useful for organizing, running and tracking large raids. The list of things ShowEQ can do is huge, and getting bigger every CVS update.

If ShowEQ is on, shouldn't the whole thing be open source?

Yes, and it is! A separate libEQ.a file is no longer required to make ShowEQ work. This file used to be closed source to prevent the propogation of a Windows version of ShowEQ. Recent changes in the philosophy of the project have made this open source as well and it is now integrated into the program itself instead of being an external library.

A large number of the people who regularly post here seem to be elitest assholes. Could you explain this?

You are mistaking elitism for disappointment in the average anonymous internet user. You are free to comment on what you think of our "attitude", but when it comes down to it the people with 400+ posts that have been here for 1 or 2 years helping people are not affected by comments from people who just registered to ask an already asked question. If you really want us to be helpful, you have to put a small amount of effort in as well. We don't mind trying to figure out a problem with you, in fact a large number of linux users actually ENJOY this (I do), but when you ask a question without searching or without giving us enough information to even try and GUESS what your problem is, you will probably get a flameish response. ShowEQ support is not the only place you see this, most linux support forums in general are like this. It is the old "give a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish" addage. If we spoon feed the answers to everyone, do you learn anything? ShowEQ is like marijuana. Once you start using ShowEQ, you will probably get deeper and deeper into linux with things like apache and samba or maybe even programming for opensource projects.

Oh yeah, don't forget that no one who helps people is paid to do so. We are not paid an hourly wage to hang out and help people in the forums and the developers are not paid to write ShowEQ. Any form of help that ANYONE here gives is voluntarily and you should consider it a privladge to have recieved it, even if it is a post calling you a tard and pointing to an FAQ section.

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